These beautiful 38 Flower SHINE Essence cards were inspired by Dr Bach’s original system of flower essence healing. 
Each card was hand drawn by me, Sophia. 
The powerful words written on each card reflects their gift for support, healing, and change. The cards are laminated for protection. 

The pack can be used in various ways to help you choose essences for creating your personalized flower remedy. 

Whether an essence card is chosen reflectively /intuitively or in the Flower Shine workshop setting, using the three step program for choosing essences to create your remedy, 
these FLOWER SHINE ESSENCE CARDS are a wonderful tool to support you and your family’s wellness.

These cards can also be used as a wonderful tool for energetic healing. 🌈 Choose your flower card/ essences, then meditate/ reflect on their Gifts of Divine, and allow their vibrations/ frequencies, to flow in and around you. 
This can be a very powerful experience. ⭐️🌈💕💫

Original Flower SHINE Essence Cards.



    Heal Thyself One Drop at a Time