This remedy is created for people who may be experiencing a sense of isolation within the busy world they live in. Often times they may find themselves feeling lonely or separated from meaningful relationships or connections with other like minded people.
This Flower SHINE Remedy will assist to reawaken your interest in life and ignite a spark of enthusiasm for a sense of belonging within your community and the world. Because flower essences open the channels of communication between one's higher self, personality, and soul's intentions, your emotional body will receive the vibrations of Love sourced by your own desire to connect with humanity. With this light of Love, from which self Love emulates, perceptions of isolation transmute from thought patterns of I AM TO WE ARE. 
This shift of energy  will attract to you those whom you seek for creating a life of purpose.

All remedies are preserved with brandy unless requested for the use of organic apple cider vinegar.

Your FLOWER SHINE REMEDY will be posted within 3-5 business days. Cost of shipping and handling included in price.

Attracting Your Tribe

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    Flower SHINE Remedy. 


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