Welcome to the assessment page. Here, you will begin the process of turning within to find the words to best express what you are looking to experience via your Flower Shine Remedy.



Flower Essences act as inner catalysts that stimulate your ability to deepen contact with your higher self and empower you to make changes in your life. 

There may be a few reasons why you are exploring the idea of Flower Essence Therapy. The first step in formulating your personalized FLOWER SHINE REMEDY is to decide specifically what you would like to change or harmonize in your life NOW.

A remedy that reaches the core or root of your issue is most effective for your change. However, the underlying root of your issue may not present itself easily and that is fine. Your higher self knows. Allowance and permission offer effective opportunities for clarity.

Intention is the act in which you determine the results you want to achieve.


I invite you to sit and go within.

Take a few deep breaths.

Relax and give your self permission to release that which no longer is serving you.

Here are a few examples of questions you may explore to help you identify what you would like to change or find resolution with.

​What is within my self and without in my life that I feel is no longer serving me?

What emotional discomfort am I feeling?

How do I want to feel, as opposed to how am I feeling now?

Flower remedies counteract and dissolve negative patterns, attitudes and habits by enhancing positive qualities. What are some qualities you feel will help you with your issue?

A Quality is a focused and harmonious state of excellence. You can invoke qualities to help you transmute discomfort and unease, into a state of harmony. Qualities help you define your goals and intention to help bring resolution.

For Example:  

Tenderness. Enthusiasm. Self worth. Kindness. Love. Wisdom. Humility. Calmness. Focus. Compassion. Joy. Creativity. Playfulness. Abundance. Peace. Clarity. Patience. Groundedness. Flexibility. Trust. Humor. Inspiration. Courage. Integrity. And so forth...

Now - think about what you would like to experience via your Flower Shine Remedy.

Upon ordering, you will be asked  to provide the following:

I would like a flower shine remedy that will assist me to experience ____________ (qualities)

so I can fully heal from _________(issue on which you want to work).


Heal Thyself One Drop at a Time